Magento Upgrade Service, Magento Version Upgrade

Magento Upgrade Service, Magento Version Upgrade

With Apollo Web Design you can always Stay current. Stay stable. Stay one step ahead of your competitors by utilizing and installing each Magento version update. we will revamp your existing Magento store and upgrade so that it can reflect the latest eCommerce version with latest trending features.

Now a days its very important and very crucial to maintain and manage systems of any ecommerce platforms, Even same is applicable for Magento as well, even magento should be upgraded to ensure that the life cycle of your online ecommerce store is maintained and that it works at its optimal best 24/7. At Apollo Web Design we offer high quality Magento upgrade service for Magento Community and Magento Enterprise editions.

Our Dedicated and Magento certified developers will upgrade and implement new features, Functionalities on you ecommerce website, With years of experience in magento web design and Development, we are a leading Magento Upgrade & Migrate Services provider in Bangalore, India. Our Quality testing team has developed a process to ensure your online store is tested, and re tested until that gives the best results, and published with minimal downtime.


Professional Magento Upgrade Service | Magento Upgradation Services

Why use a professional upgrade service?

Actually magento has a robust system that provides the best ecommerce platform that can used in building an outstanding eCommcere stores, It has semi-automatic feature that helps to keep modular updated and also helps in core upgrades, So you might be wondering why you'd need a professional service to manage this process. Each magento store installation process is different from one another, you web developer might have installed 3rd party modules, unique tweaks and customization's that no other store has, which may cause you trouble while the prices if install upgrades.

We will always recommend that you can utilize our magento upgrade service so that a dedicated, certified Front-end Magento developer who can manage the process for you and fix issues as they arise. Major concern is During the upgrade process as an ecommerce web design and development company in Bangalore we need to mainly focusing on quality testing, as this will helps your website to minimize further issues arising in the future and it's always best to fix these types of issues early on, so they don't appear in the live store.

Should you upgrade Magento?

You might be thinking that Upgradation of your online ecommerce store is not important and isn't necessary or not worth the hassle but they may be working well n good for few months then the situation of failure may force you to upgrade your Magento platform which could result in your live store failing at an important step, such as a shopping cart purchase.

Here's some more reason's why you should always upgrade:
  • Maintain stability and bug fixes
  • Increase speed and code optimization
  • Maintain security against hackers and malware
  • Get access to new features and enhanced improvements

With each upgrade comes a full list of improvements, which can be accessed via the official release notes documentation.

Magento Upgrade Specialists
  • Upgrade Magento 1.5.1 - Upgrade Magento 1.7.1 - Upgrade to Magento 1.9.1
  • Upgrade and fixes to issues found during Magento core upgrade
  • We will create a development version of your site
  • Quality testing once upgraded and Ongoing support
  • Apply an internal audit of your store's Magento code and modules
  • Publication of the store and synchronization across all channels
  • Magento database upgrade and fixes

We offer hassle Free solution in associated with you ecommerce webiste - Magento version upgrade, you have the ability to utilise our Magento developers and have them take care of the upgrades for you.we will always ensure your eCommerce store remains mesmerizing, stable and up-to-date security wise by ensuring every update is implemented in a timely manner.

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Magento Upgrade Service, Magento Version Upgrade
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